Aly Bloom as Nancy and Darilyn Castillo as Bree, Photo Credit: Sun Productions

Aly Bloom as Nancy and Darilyn Castillo as Bree, Photo Credit: Sun Productions

“Ms. DiLallo has cleverly incorporated characters who are in the series but not the “Mermaid Ballet” book: Lionel (Kyle Motsinger) adds boyish high jinks, and Rhonda (Jes Dugger) and Wanda (Tricia Giordano) have a funny, circus-tinged number about their friendly (mostly) sports rivalry. The authors have also written a sweet ballad for Nancy’s mother (Amanda Savan), who helps her daughter resolve her tangled feelings. But the show’s most inspired stroke is to stage the dance recital itself. (Sam Viverito choreographed, and Amanda Jenks designed the imaginative costumes.) Here the scene stealer is Lionel as a hip-hop shark, doing a hilarious rap. Under Mr. Viverito’s direction, the cast members mostly act like 8-year-olds (as they should). The show demonstrates that ordinary children can be fancy too, and, even more important, that Fancy Nancy can be an ordinary child.”
-New York Times
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“An irresistible collection of ingenious tunes by award-winning composer/lyricist Danny Abosch and lyricist Susan DiLallo (who also skillfully adapted the book to the stage).”

“Also worth noting is the introduction of Aly Bloom as Nancy.  She managed to entertain the kids while occasionally winking at the adults quite a masterful way.  This comic ingénue reminds me of a young Madeline Kahn and I have a feeling that the next time I see her it will be in front of a much larger audience (none of whom will be wearing stinky shoe shirts).”
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“The show also boasts better than average songs and a cast that’s charming, not condescending…The songs by Danny Abosch and Susan DiLallo are peppy, smart and catchy, especially the lovely duet between mother and daughter.”
-Mommy Poppins
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“We both loved every minute of the performance.  They bring Fancy Nancy to life just as you would have imagined her.  As we left, my daughter asked when she could come back to see it again.”
-Macaroni Kid, NYC Downtown
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“The show is quite simply, splendiforous.  That’s fancy for…well you get it…The music is excellent, the lyrics are clever and the story will definitely hold your child’s interest for the hour or so of the show…  Amanda Savan, who plays Nancy’s mom, has a huge, beautiful voice.  Her work is as good as you’ll see in musicals farther south on Broadway.  You will be seeing these actors again, I guarantee it.”
-Babies Gotta Have It
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“One of the show stealers was Nancy’s friend Lionel dressed as a shark doing rap… the entire cast was top-notch and everything – from props to music – was very professional.”
-The Mama Maven
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“A fun and engaging show that will appeal to all members of your family…Both Julia and my friend’s daughter were captivated from the moment the curtains opened…She is already asking when we can go again!”
-Disney With Children
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“Fancy Nancy the Musical presents a brilliant (that’s fancy for amazing) production to the fanciest of young theatergoers…another rave review for this heart-warming and entertaining show…Fancy Nancy the Musical fills the theatre with laughter, catchy songs and life-long lessons with its book and lyrics by Susan DiLallo and music, lyrics and original orchestrations by Danny Abosch.”
-Beauty News NYC
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“This musical is phenomenal (that’s a fancy word for really, really great)!”
-NW Kids Magazine
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Awards for Original Cast Recording

The Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording of Fancy Nancy The Musical has won many awards from organizations across the country! Here are just a few:

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